a rotating selection of handmade limited edition accessories and metaphysical products to help you spread love and compassion


The majority of the items ICTC sells are handmade, unique, and limited edition. The ICTC etsy shop is filled with these sorts of items and I hope you will visit that page to see the full selection of items I make and offer. The selection there is plentiful and always changing!

Here, on, you will find a very small selection of items. The items offered here fall into two categories: items that have a less exhaustible supply (aka - the ICTC standards) and items that are exclusive to Society Wolf cubs and customers. We have been so honored and thankful for the undying support of the community we found back East, as well as those cubs who have found us digitally and have been ever eager to get a piece of the Society Wolf pie. While these items are being sold as ICTC products - they are made by me, Ellen, and as I am half of Society Wolf - they are Society Wolf products as well.

For a little backstory on ICTC and an update on what we're up to - please scroll down below the products. Thank you so much for visiting and holding a flame for Society Wolf - we will always hold a flame for you, too. We love you, always!


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- THE ICTC story -

A few months after moving out West, I found myself immersed in projects that were intent on spreading love. Moving away from almost everything I knew - in my heart, my mind, my bones - and coming to a new and strange place affected me in curious and quiet ways. The inevitable (and, in our case - somewhat unending) hardships of re-establishing one's life managed to connect me in a profound way to a personal practice of love, spirit, and metaphysical study that I thought I was already deeply connected to. With each difficulty, I found a new well of love and hope that wanted to be expressed and shared. I found myself becoming connected to information and concepts that began to fill in spaces in long-term thoughts and intellectual/spiritual pursuits. I spent every day hard at work in the studio - pushing hard to re-establish Society Wolf as a digital shopping and sharing destination, as well as being intuitively moved to create new, handmade products. Ideas for products came to me without a thought - and every time I would finish something I would realize that I had created a tool for love, self trust building, and connection to the universe and all of the energies at large. It became clear to me that I was developing a project that deserved its own attention - a project that couldn't wait for Society Wolf to launch for it to be shared with the world. And so - ICTC was born.

ICTC stands for If Chaos, Then Chaos. Throughout my life I think this is a mantra I have had without knowing, something I have understood and allowed to guide me without much awareness. I have found, as I'm sure you have, that Chaos cannot be controlled - you cannot predict it and you cannot stop it from happening. But what you can do is acknowledge it and work with it as a true teacher. Instead of seeing it as Chaos, see it as Educator. See it is Opportunity. See it as Change. See it as a chance to Love. Maybe this sounds weird to you - Chaos is Love? I can learn from Chaos? But I think if you let your all-knowing self think about it, you'll see that it's true. Chaos only stays Chaos if we let it - if Chaos, Then Chaos. But if we readjust our position on that Chaos, and see it for what it really can be - perhaps what it's meant to be - that Chaos can become a truly great gift and guide. It can be a truly powerful catalyst for LOVE.

These are challenging, chaotic times that we live in - and this energy is reverberating in all the arenas of our lives. It has been my experience that the most effective and meaningful way to cope with the difficult realities of life is by cultivating and practicing a strong connection to both myself and the energies around me. I have always felt in partnership with the universe, and I have spent most of my life intuitively and intellectually learning how to foster and understand that partnership. I want so much to help other people find this same connection within themselves - as it exists within each and every one of us. The products I create are tools to find, connect to, and support this personal connection to the universe and all her tangible and ethereal energies. Within each one of us in a true center, a place of great strength and honesty that has access to all the knowledge and power contained within the universe. Often, when I make these items, I feel guided by nothing other than intuition and this transfer of energy I work every day to honor and keep flowing. I truly believe that these products are my way of helping others elevate their own personal frequency - as small or sweet at they may be. 

From the divination kits I will continue to create, to the beautiful jewelry and accessories made from powerful stones and materials, to the 1" buttons I love to design and produce - each product is designed to help you connect to yourself and the universe while keeping an open heart and sharing love everywhere you go. I truly believe that we can elevate some of the unnecessary suffering in our own, and other people's, lives if we lead by an example of honesty, love, and compassion. 

Thank you for supporting me (us!). Thank you for being you and for doing the work to help make the world a better place to live - for all creatures and energies alike. I honor you and the path you are on, and I believe you will make the change you see and be. I love you!

Namaste & Blessed Be!!

Ellen (and Brett too!)


Interested in custom 1" buttons for your wedding, party, or event? Is your band looking for some fun and inexpensive merch? Email us here! We can work with you to make a truly memorable favor - the sort of giveaway item that people actually keep - and wear! We have been making custom buttons for many years now and would be glad to work with you to make yours. We can do everything from creating the designs to simply producing the designs you already have finished. Email us for more!

Looking for graphic design or illustration services? Brett is a veteran professional with over 13 years experience working as a graphic designer, illustrator and artist. He is open for commissions of all kinds - he offers logo design and branding services, invitations and other custom paper goods design, illustration services (books, magazines, you name it!), movie poster design, and so much more. A tremendous illustrator and designer with a truly diverse range, Brett is also a master of organizing information. He specializes in not just unique and eye-catching design, but in creating a flow that allows the consumer to truly understand the message you are trying to convey. If you are interested in his work and would like to learn more, please visit his portfolio site here. You can also email him here.

Ellen is also available for illustration and design services - most of the illustration work you see in our products is done by her. Ellen specializes in whimsical, light-hearted, mindful illustrations. She is also the creator of the Finky the Ratt series, an illustrated series dedicated to helping people young and old find the joy and peace in a mindful life full of love, empathy, and compassion. If you are interested in working with her, or to discuss the use and/or publication of her illustrations please contact her here. You may also visit her portfolio site here.

How about CUSTOM EMBROIDERY, CROCHET STUFFIES, VINYL STICKERS, GREETING AND CALLING CARDS, WEDDING PARTY & EVENT FAVORS, and MORE? We do a lot of things here in our studios and we would be more than excited to work with you to help design and execute any number of exciting projects you may have in mind. We are extensively experienced in a variety of mediums and chances are if you can dream it we can help make it a reality. We also offer consultation services to help you hone in on the idea you want to expand on and then help bring that idea to life. Email us here to get the party started!