We are moving...

In October 2015, Society Wolf will close it's Marblehead doors and pack up to make the move to Tucson, Arizona (and the Internet!). We have had an amazing time growing, learning, loving and playing with everyone on Massachusetts' North Shore, but the Southwest is howling our names.

As many of you already know, we visit Arizona every year as a part of our buying for the shop. Brett spent 10 years of his life living in Phoenix, and when we began Society Wolf we knew we wanted to focus on bringing the Southwest and all of it's beautiful glory into our shop, uniting Ellen's New England aesthetic with his desert vibes. It worked out beautifully, and as a result of our annual buying trips we have been able to keep a truly unique, colorful, and deeply special collection of amazing things sourced from out there - everything from Mexican sugar skull drink stirrers to Vintage Eli Cattleman cowboy shirts (and let's not forget all of the incredible Navajo and Hopi jewelry!). Traveling to Arizona and spending time there gave us the opportunity to maintain our aesthetic and commitment to hand-picking almost every item we sell - something our customers love and something that is very important to us as shop owners and buyers. Inevitably, though, in between trips we found ourselves wanting more - and not just beautiful things to sell, either.

We see a special future for us in Tucson, one that is full of open space and the room to really expand and grow. Moving to Arizona will give us the freedom to have more functional creative space, where we can continue to develop and produce the Society Wolf items you know and love. It will give us the opportunity to join a vibrant, interesting, and exciting community where we can fully pursue our weird and wonderful Society Wolf ways. We will miss the cubs we have come to hold dear to our hearts, but we also look forward to all the new cubs we'll meet as we settle down roots in Tucson.

At this point you're probably freaking out thinking "BUT...BUT...BUT"... well, here's the but. As we work towards getting settled and reopening our storefront, we will HAVE THE BEST WEBSHOP EVER. Yup, you read that right. Come mid-December 2015 (sign up for our Wolfpack mailing list or Cub Club to stay informed!) we'll be launching the SOCIETY WOLF WEB SHOP, which promises to be - no, seriously - even more fucking awesome than our IRL shop. Seriously. Seem hard to believe, but we promise, it's true. Don't believe us? Just look below!

It has truly been an incredible experience cutting our teeth and watching our business grow for the last year and a half in Marblehead. The community we found and helped to foster in this small, seaside town was absolutely mindblowing - and taught us again, and again, to never judge a town by its cover. Our shop has been so much more than a place to shop - for so many, including ourselves, it has been a place to share, laugh, play, dance, learn, and love. We have treasured every moment we have spent in that small, sub-terranean space with all of you, and will forever be the better for it all. We are so, so sad to leave all our friends and cubs that we have gained along the way, but we have to hold strong in knowing that this is just the beginning for us all. It's not a goodbye, it's just a see ya later...


with all our love! always!

xoxo Ellen and Brett

No, your sweet little cub ears haven't deceived you. The word on the street is true. We're moving. But we promise, it's not as bad as it seems.


Here are 5 reasons to be super freakin' excited that we're moving:



we'll be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week once our webshop opens up. that means no more pesky human hours to keep you from your favorite Society Wolf goodies - you can have at them all any. time. you. want.



the webshop will be even more jam packed and exciting than our Marblehead location ever could have been. the best thing about selling things online is that each item gets its very own showcase - nothing gets stuck behind something else, lost for the world to see. soon you'll be able to see everything we sell, clearly, and get the story behind every item too! it'll be like the silly little tags we hang on our clothes, but for EVERYTHING!



being in Tucson will give us the proximity to so many of the things that we love to stock and that you love to buy! no more waiting for a once a year trip to restock on Native American jewelry, Mexican arts and crafts, and that amazing Western vintage wear that we only find when we go to Arizona - now we can keep our inventory stocked all year round, while still maintaining our rigorous, hand picked aesthetic. that means MORE AWESOME STUFF you love MORE OFTEN.



we promise to make SOCIETYWOLF.COM much, much more than a webshop. we promise to bring you all sorts of interesting content, information, and more on the same site where you'll find cool stuff to buy. that means silly videos, instructional how to guides, photo essays, cub submitted content, and so much more. we want to try and keep the vibe going from the shop to the site, and want to provide you with a digital space where you can PLAY!



our transition from Marblehead to Tucson is going to be an amazing one, and part of our plan is to re-open a brick and mortar storefront in Tucson as soon as possible. we are hoping that within a year we will be back in a storefront - one that will be much larger and more hospitable than the one from which we grew. we hope to have a space where we can host events, hold classes and workshops, and have more space for the community that will grow within. and while we'll be far from Marblehead, we're only just a plane ride away... and let me tell you, that Arizona weather sure is nice come February!