SOCIETY WOLF FIRST OPENED IT'S DOORS IN JUNE 2014 in the historic and beautiful town of Marblehead, MA. With a nod to one of our patron saints, and in an attempt to sum up our "thing", we call our shop a Curious Boutique. We sell a little bit of everything interesting, and we maintain a thoughtful and curated selection of:

◊ gems and crystals

◊ Native American jewelry

◊ new and vintage costume jewelry 

◊ fine silver and semi-precious stone rings

◊ vintage and retro clothing, shoes and accessories

◊ Mexican arts and crafts and Day of the Dead items

◊ new and antique gift items and decoration

◊ metaphysical and spiritual supplies

◊ and so much more 

People often wonder where our items come from, and the answer is EVERYWHERE! Everywhere we go is a potential source for The Next Awesome Thing, and we are ever-vigilant on our quest. We scour everywhere from little junk shops to the far-corners of the internet and promise to always have something that you've never seen before.

By handpicking every item (literally, down to teeny things like agate rings and mineral specimens) we are able to maintain a consistent level of both quality and aesthetic. While we may often be pre-trend or on-trend, being so is never our goal. We refuse to buy what is in style or currently popular - instead, we focus on things that move us, that we know our customers will love. Through this focus we also bring a lot of love and passion to every item we sell, and our customers tell us time and time again that it shows.

Each item is handpicked or handmade by us, Ellen and Brett, and we are committed to presenting only the most fantastic, most interesting items anyone can find. We love hunting for unique treasures, and the only thing better than finding that amazing thing is bringing it to you. 


We are always interested in talking to designers, photographers, models, and artists about renting or borrowing items from our shop for use in their work. If you are interested in using something we have in stock in an editorial, set design, etc, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are also available to assist in design and decorating (both commercial and residential) using items we stock, make, and source. Please feel free to email us with any requests or questions!



◊custom 1" buttons

◊ verbally appraising and selling rare books

◊ graphic design, illustration, and typography services

◊ letterpress style printing and invitations

◊ spiritual guidance and energy work

◊ custom artwork and jewerly

◊ much, much, more! 

our story

Society Wolf is co-owned and run by us, Ellen Arnstein and Brett Rasmussen, two artists with four keep eyes and an esoteric sense of style. From our very first conversation about ghosts, we have cultivated a special connection and bond through our shared love for the metaphysical, existential, occult, and natural aspects of life (and beyond!). After we fell in love, Brett relocated from Phoenix, AZ to join Ellen in Somerville, MA, and it became immediately evident that our two personal styles and approaches to life created a special, joint aesthetic - the aesthetic that runs through everything Society Wolf does and sells.

After Ellen's grandmother Lois passed away, we began to think seriously about our future and the life we wanted to create and live, together. Upon introspection it became clear to us that we each had a lot of untapped skills that, when combined, could lead to something great. We both had a knack for finding special things as well as knowing how to appraise, care for, and display them. When people would come to visit our apartment and look around at all of the one-of-a-kind and interesting items we have, they would often say our home was like a museum, and that they could stay forever and look at everything. "Where did that COME from?" was (is!) almost a daily phrase in our lives, whether about the clothes we were wearing or the vintage books on our shelves. And as we went about our daily lives, always finding magical and special items, it became clear we weren't just supposed to keep everything we found - but that instead, we were meant to help those special things find their rightful owners. Add to that Brett's background in graphic design, product photography, advertising, and fine art, as well as Ellen's extensive background in retail, merchandising, buying, appraising, and her strengths in hand-made items and graphic design, and it became clear what we were meant to do. 

After a lot of planning and preparation, as well as some "soft opening" Society Wolf parties, we moved from our sunny apartment in Somerville, MA to a cute and open apartment in Beverly, MA, just minutes from the shore. We found a small but very sweet retail space in the basement of an c.1890 home in Marblehead, MA, and after an extensive renovation, opened Society Wolf's doors in June of 2014. While we expected to stay in this space for our first three years in business, after only a few months of being open it became extensively clear that we needed much more space to continue to grow.

As we searched for (and found) the perfect space to reopen in Beverly, we found ourselves at an interesting crossroads. After our annual buying trip/vacation to Phoenix, which took us to Tucson, we saw a vision for the future, for ourselves as well as Society Wolf, that we hadn't been seeing in New England. We saw potential to keep our business as authentic and personal as it is now, as well to expand into certain areas (jewelry and lapidary work, mineralogy, in-house produced goods, and beyond) and really flesh out Society Wolf is the ways we dream. And so, in October 2015 we will be moving from our storefront in Marblehead, MA to Tucson, AZ. We will reopen as the Best Webshop Ever in 2016 and look forward to re-opening as a brick and mortar at some point in 2017.

Our commitment to our webshop and to reopening our storefront is as strong as it has been to our shop in Marblehead. We look forward to the freedom the webshop will give us and they ways in which it will make sharing all of our awesome stuff with you much, much easier. And as we go though this transition in both our personal and professional lives, we promise to stay in touch and keep you, our dear cubs, up to date on all of our exciting adventures and developments. And you can be sure that moving closer to so many of the things we love to sell - Native American and Mexican arts, crafts, and jewelry, gems and minerals, metaphysical supplies, and more - as well as our adventures in and around the Southwest will lead to an even more awesome, more exciting shop (if you can even imagine it!). 

We thank you for being along with us on this journey, and look forward to connecting you and your loved ones with special, unique, covetable goods. We have loved being a part of the Marblehead community for the last year and a half, and we are excited to join the Tucson community in our near future. "Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold..." - and as you all know, we love silver and gold equally (uhm, hello!).


    E and B